Anvils and Bubbles

Sermon Description

Which image best describes your core convictions: an anvil or a bubble?

God’s rebuke was if Jonadab was respected and obeyed by his family for over two centuries, why didn’t the people of Israel and Judah obey the command of Almighty God—a command that the prophets had repeated over and over again?

We can build Christ-honoring homes in a world of Gospel distractedness:

1. GOD HONORING HOMES: Manage the tensions of obedience (12-17)

2. GOD HONORING HOMES ARE: Led by parents committed to Christ (1-11, Jonadab)

3. GOD HONORING HOMES: Equip individuals with courageous, holy affections and convictions (8-11)

4. GOD HONORING HOMES: Enjoy His worthwhile favor (18-19)

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