See and Be Glad: The Everlasting Father

Sermon Description

What kind of father is Jesus? Ponder with curiosity Jesus as everlasting Father given to us.

  1. He is a Father who gives revealing insight to my blinded eyes (1-2)
  2. He is a father who gives legal freedom for my dependence on sin (4-5)
  3. He is a father who gives patient care to my childish heart. Father (1-2, 7)
    1. Don’t let the sin of others be an excuse for your unbelief.
    2. Parents and grandparents—be aware of the theology you teach in the everyday
    • Colossians 3:12-17
    • Watch out for living inconsistently with who I am in Christ
    • Bear with and forgive as Christ has with you
    • Be Ruled by the Holy Spirit,
    • Saturate your life with the Bible,
    • Worship as a lifestyle
    • Constantly allow Gratefulness to keep you heart tender toward God

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