Freedom for Broken People

Sermon Description

This text can be read on three levels: the promise of political, prophetic, and personal freedom. The Gospel brings order to my disorder. Four Commands to the Broken People:

1. In your brokenness, learn to worship God with gladness Gladness for…

The shackles we have been saved FROM

The identity we have been saved TO The preservation we have been saved THROUGH

The possibilities we are saved UNTO

2. In your brokenness, follow the leading of God

3. In your brokenness, fight the adversary of God the victor with power

The weapons we have been given…

Foundation in His word Formation – Being conformed to look like Christ

Fellowship – We do not fight well when we are isolated

Filling – God’s Spirit in me Fruit – the fruit is there to be evidence that God is still using me

4. In your brokenness, feel the nurture of God the Father with belonging

The nurturing from God…

The Father’s Name

The Father’s Intentions

The Father’s Bearing With

The Father’s Acceptance

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